Pulp Paper Strap

Engineered for Performance

SDF’s patented paper strap (US Patent Number 7,118,648) has been engineered to meet the needs of a demanding pulp baling industry. Its combination of high strength and stretch is designed to overcome challenging baling processes while still providing a nice and secure package. Our strap has the ability to withstand shock from abusive railcar transportation and also maintains high strength during a slow gradual stretch that occurs during loading and unloading of bales.

Pulp Paper Strap Specifications

Test Conditions – 50% RH 73˚ F
Tensile MD lbs./In:
425 lbs +/- 10 @ 2″ per Minute Pull Rate
455 lbs +/- 10 @ 18″ per Minute Pull Rate
Stretch MD    10% +/- 1%
Strap Width (inches)    .750 +/- .002
Strap Thickness (inches)    .050 +/- .003

Enhanced Water Solubility Rate

SDF’s laminated paper strap with its inner assembly perforations, and open edges, offers an improved breakdown rate for either cold or hot water pulpers. As water is introduced to the strap it will follow the path of least resistance. In this case, with its multiple perforations and open edges, water will penetrate the SDF paper strap easily diluting the water-soluble adhesive and carrying it away from the paper, allowing the remaining paper to be completely engulfed with water to enhance breakdown. The laminated paper strap has thin layers of water-soluble adhesive in between the paper that are exposed at all edges and in the inner portion of the straps perforations thereby easily breaking down when submerged in water.

Improved Tear Resistance

The inner assembly perforation also helps to improve tear resistance. The inner perforations have been specifically aligned side-by-side with a slight offset to initiate a torque feature when twisted. In essence the inner assembly perforations give the paper strap better CD flexibility. This feature is extremely important when loading and unloading bales where wrappers or handling equipment can catch onto the strap. The inner assembly perforation also acts as a road block. If the paper strap were to begin to tear, it would stop when it reaches one of the multiple perforations.